Shandex Truck Inc.

With an industry leading team of professional drivers and in-house analysts, Shandex Truck Inc. picks up and delivers freight 24/7 across Canada and the USA.

Our fleet is managed using state-of-the-art systems that track each truck's location, performance & safety in real-time.  Our GPS satellite technology provides the exact location of our customer's freight at all times.  This same technology helps us achieve our sustainability and safety goals as it measures each truck's speed, hard stops, fuel mileage and engine idle time.

There is nothing more important than the safety of our drivers and the safety of those around them.  Each Shandex Truck is equipped with a dash cam and software system that records and analyzes each driver's actions as well as those of other cars in the truck's vicinity.  This data is also used for predictive analytics to ensure that a Shandex driver's driving habits are always safe and not trending towards danger.

Shandex Trucks are also equipped with camera and radar infused technology that detects pedestrians, vehicles and road signs and adjusts the speed and direction of the truck accordingly.

Shandex Truck Inc. is CT-PAT, PIP and FAST certified and offers FTL, LTL, freight brokerage and temperature controlled service.

To contact our Shandex Truck Inc. team directly for a quote, please send an email to: Curtis.kortun@shandex.com

If you are a professional driver and are interested in joining our team, please contact fleet@shandex.com or fill out the form below:

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