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The Story of Us

The Shandex Group was founded in 1987 by Greg Shannon with Fred Shannon making the dream team complete by joining in 1991. Concentrating on providing Canadian retail account management for foreign private label manufacturers, Shandex found a niche market and flourished. Shandex started with Greg selling plastic bags from a single U.S. manufacturer (Presto Products Company) and has since grown to encompass thousands of different products from suppliers all over the world. This exponential growth has made Shandex one of the leading suppliers of private label products in Canada and is a heritage everyone at Shandex works to protect and further grow.

One of Greg’s proudest accomplishments was purchasing his first truck in 1996 and building it to a full fleet of tractors and trailers, operating as Shandex Truck Inc. In addition to controlling his own destiny through Shandex Truck, Greg also recognized the value of controlling his own product and invested in state of the art distribution centres located in Pickering, Ontario. Greg always claimed that “bricks and mortar show that you are committed to the customer whether it is the supplier or retailer – customer service wins the day”.

Shandex started as a family business and has grown to include many more employees, but we have never lost sight of keeping the customer first and foremost. 

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